Harina ​Dulce

​Chilli Chocolate

​A light chocolate brownie like cake spiced with ground chillies and topped with a whipped chocolate ganache.


​A moist and light chocolate cake with a Guava filling, topped with a whipped chocolate ganache and sprinkled with a spicy Pico De Gallo chilli powder.

​Chocolate Caliente Mexicano

​A very light chocolate cake spiced with cinnamon, almond and vanilla. Topped with a cinnamon almond cream cheese buttercream.

*Vegan option available

​Caramel Tres Leches

​A moist white cake filled with Cajeta and topped with a sweet vanilla meringe and a dash of cinnamon.

​Dark Chocolate and Mint

A rich and moist dark chocolate cake topped with a chocolate and mint buttercream swirl.

*Vegan & GF option available



A chocolate cake filled with a Nutella mousse and topped with a Salted Chocolate Nutella buttercream and freshly ground hazelnuts.

*GF option available

​Dreamy Vanilla Bean

​A rich buttery cake filled with fresh Vanilla Beans and topped with a fluffy Vanilla Bean buttercream.

*GF option available

Gingerly Pumpkin

​A light and moist cake filled with cinnamon and cloves. Topped with our delicious cinnamon cream cheese buttercream.

​Pina Coloda

A sweet rich cake filled with pineapple and topped with a creamy coconut buttercream garnished with freshly toasted coconut.

Red Velvet​

A velvety red cake filled with natural cocoa and topped with a traditional southern vanilla cream cheese buttercream.

​*GF option available

​Reeses Peanut Butter Special

​A fluffy cake loaded with peanut butter and stuffed with a whole reeses cup topped with a creamy chocolate ganache.

Gourmet Bakery

Spring Lemon​

​A soft moist white cake baked with lemons, topped with a zesty sweet lemon buttercream and garnished with a candied lemon.

*GF option available

​Cookies N Cream

​A moist chocolate cake with Oreos baked right in and topped with a vanilla cookie crumble buttercream.


​Classic Carrot

A very moist and light cake filled with carrots and spices. Topped with our traditional vanilla cream cheese buttercream.

​*Vegan & GF option available

Summertime S'mores​

​A chocolate cake filled with graham crackers, fudge and topped with our decadent marshmallow buttercream.

Strawberry Shortcake

 A moist vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberries and graham cracker. Topped with a strawberry and vanilla buttercream swirl.